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How To Make Modern Approach To Resolve Issues Of Transformer Oil Filtration

Proper maintenance of transformer helps you in getting best performance, proper electricity distribution, and other functions for which this device is crafted and intended. With modern approach, you can resolve issues related to transformer oil filtration. The approach consists of transformer maintenance and oil filtration techniques and testing methods to ensure proper functioning of basic transformer device. Let's learn how to keep the transformer in good condition and use it for intended purposes.
Electrical Power Transformer
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Power transformers in India are reliable and complex device that is used for production and distribution of electricity. The working life, proper functioning, and working life of transformers are the things influenced by the state of their isolation system. To sustain power transformers in good condition, user needs to exclude all the ageing process products present in the oil. It is critical step to lower the water and dissolved gases as much as possible along with solid particles that cause internal area degradation of transformer.
What happens when water enters in transformer oil?

Water can enter in transformer oil in one of states-

1.In dissolved state
2.In free state beneath the transformer container
3.In state of emulsion

Even few drops of water can put significant impact and exploit characteristics of transformer. The presence of emulsified water is hazardous from dissolved one. It is tough to eliminate water, if it is once absorbed in oil. To prevent such absorption, it is important to hold the water content inside the isolator oil at the lowest level.
What happens when oxygen gets dissolve in oil?

Transformers having free air holes are extreme endangered unlike closed transformers and to transformers having nitrogen layer above the oil. Oxidation level is depend on the temperature of oil, higher temperatures influence intensive oxidation processes. This is why experts recommend avoiding overloading of transformer in summer period.

How to keep transformer oil in good condition?

Transformer oil filtration helps you in keeping oil in good condition and this influences productivity and performance of the transformer. Methods used for keeping transformer oil well-maintained are:

  • Dehydration
  • Removal of oxidation processes
  • degasification

Companies and foundries producing transformers are suggesting routine checks and testing of transformer oil to keep up the performance and sustain durability and longer life of the device. You can contact such centers and avail services and other deals for your Distribution transformers India.